Food Lab Brugge

Description of the project

Food Lab Brugge is a stakeholder platform around sustainable food (focusing on food waste, urban agriculture and farm to fork food). FSE Network and Coduco facilitate the Food Lab. Together with the sustainability department of the city of Brugge and the 50 organizations involved in the Food Lab, we made a SWOT analysis, co-created a strategy on sustainable food and chose priorities for action. The Food Lab has initiated a new, strong and inclusive dynamic on sustainable food in Brugge.

Achievements of the project

In May 2016 the Food Lab and FSE Network co-organized (H)eerlijk Brugge, the first sustainable food festival in Brugge with a (delicious) Feeding the 5000. In this festive awareness raising event, the Brugge cooking school and a culinary chef cooked 5000 meals out of food that otherwise would have gone to waste. Not a single meal was wasted. The project was ideal to show citizens how much food is wasted that can still be consumed. The Feeding the 5000 was accompanied by  a fair with workshops of the organizations in Brugge working on sustainable food. In 2017, the second edition of (H)eerlijk Brugge took place with even more visitors and represented organisations than the year before.

Furthermore, the Food Lab and the city of Brugge co-created a sustainable food manual for events. In 2017 Brugge is the first city in Belgium who will use sustainable food during all its events, minimize food waste and redistribute potential food surplus.

In 2017, FoodWIN supported an estimation of food waste at retailers in Brugge. The results: 750 tonnes of food surplus are available. Only 70 tonnes are currently used by social organisations.

Role of foodWIN

  • Co-create Strategy on sustainable food and food waste
  • Setting up a stakeholder platform around sustainable food and food waste
  • Organized a Feeding the 5000 awareness raising event